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The municipal assembly:

  • Actualizes the municipal statute and other dispositions
  • Prepares  the municipal budget and the annual report
  • Determines the amount of the personal resources of the municipal income, as defined by law
  • Establishes public affairs sectors conform its competences, and supervises their work
  •  Nominates members to the prime councils of the public affairs sector
  • Prepares work programmes and financial plans for financing the public affairs sector established by the municipality
  • Approves the reports for the realization of the budget and the municipal annual report
  • Decides in giving permission for conducting activities of public interest, in accordance with the law
  • Approves the reports of the duties that are to be done by the public affairs sector
  • Decides for the municipal property
  • Decides for the financial control over the municipal budget, in accordance with the law
  • Elects the head of the regional unit of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in the municipality, in accordance with the law
  • Reviews and approves the annual report for the public safety in the municipal territory, which is then handed to the Ministry of Interior Affairs and to the Ombudsperson
  • Can recommend to the chair person of the regional unit of the Ministry of Interior Affairs for the public  and traffic safety, and
  • Performs other duties as defined by law.

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Tetovo Municipality
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