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The municipality of Tetovo is competent for the following issues:

  • Urban planning (urban and rural), giving permission for construction of buildings with local significance set by law, regulation of the area and regulation of the construction land.
  • Preservation of the nature and the living environment – measures for preserving and impeding from air and water contamination, and protecting the environment against ionizing radiation.
  • Local economic development – planning of the local economic development, setting development and structural priorities, leading political economy, supporting the development of small and medium enterprises and any initiative at a local level, and the development of local network of institutions and agencies and promoting partnership.
  • Municipal affairs – supplying drinking water, getting rid of wastewater, public lighting, handling the atmospheric water, maintaining the public hygiene; collecting, transporting and proceeding with the city’s hard waste; organizing the public transport; supplying natural gas and heating energy, maintaining the cemetery, crematories and mort services; constructing and maintaining local roads, roads and other infrastructure objects; the regulations of traffic; maintaining traffic signs; building and maintaining parking structures; removing the vehicles from no-parking areas; removing the damaged vehicles from public space; building and maintaining the green markets; cleaning the chimneys; maintaining and utilizing the parks, greeneries, forest parks and recreation areas; regulating and maintaining the level of river fragmentation and flow in the urban areas; naming the streets, squares, bridges and other infrastructure objects.
  • Culture - institutional and financial support for cultural projects; cultivation of Folk arts, traditions, old crafts and similar cultural values; organization of cultural events; promotion for creative writing.
  • Sport and recreation – the development of massive sports and recreational activities; organization of sports events; building and managing sports facilities; supporting sport teams.
  • Social and children protection - kindergarten and elderly care homes (ownership, financial aid, investment and maintenance); social care for disabled people, parentless children and parental care; children with social-educational problems; children with special needs; children of single parents;  street children; people exposed to potential social crisis; people affected by drugs and alcohol; enhancing consciousness; providing social housing; the realization of the rights and education of pre-school aged children. All these competences are in compliance with the National development programme for social welfare.
  • Education – founding, financing and managing primary and secondary schools in collaboration with central government, in compliance with the law; organizing the transport and food for the students and placing them in dormitories.
  • Healthcare preservation – leading the network of public health organizations and public health institutes, health education, the progress of healthcare, preventive activities, employee safety and health protection, supervision of environmental health issues, supervision of contagious diseases, assistance for people with disabilities and other issues regulated by law.
  • Fire protection and prevention performed by the fire prevention unit
  • Protection and rescue system of the citizens and the material goods from wars, natural disasters and other disasters and their consequences
  • Other tasks set by law.

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Tetovo Municipality
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